Make mental health a ‘bigger priority!’

Finally the country starts to wake up to the debilitating nature of mental illness.  The BBC reported today that Dame Sally Davies has said that mental illness needs accounts for the loss of 70 million working days last year, up 24% since 2009.


However, greater emphasis on mental health services are a must with 3/4 of people with mental health conditions not receiving any form of treatment at all.  Waiting lists are far too long; the crisis department are stretched and cannot get to people in crisis.  I am grateful for the treatment I received in hospital but know about the lack of NHS beds available and the threat of being ‘recalled.’


It is a courageous step to say that you need help, not a weak one as I had thought.  I remember my first assessment and was turned away because I wasn’t a risk to myself – no services or alternative services offered.


Hopefully mental illness and a commitment to spending money on NHS and better services will be on the agenda for the next election – sort that out and you will not get 70 million sick days in a year.


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