Fears over children’s mental health

A survey carried out by The Royal College of Psychiatrists surveyed 370 psychiatrists working in child and adolescent mental health services in the UK and the findings are shocking.  Eight out of ten reported safeguarding concerns while waiting for a bed, with fourteen percent of respondents’ describing cases where patients had attempted suicide while waiting for care. Urgent attention is needed to improve care as rates of referrals soar and suicide among teens are increasing.

On 12th March this year, The Times newspaper launched a manifesto calling for a revolution in young people’s mental health services.  The manifesto is produced by Professor Tanya Byron (I was lucky enough to catch her give a talk in October about mental health care), The Royal College of Psychiatrists, Young Minds and Great Ormond Street Hospital, and calls for urgent government action.  Below this blog is a link if you would like to read more or sign a pledge of support.

In January, The Guardian reported that hospitals were advised to adapt emergency procedures and admit young mental health patients into adult wards because of an acute national shortage of places for children and adolescents.  I wrote about a story a while back about a teenager who had to be taken to a prison cell because there were no NHS beds available.  Early intervention is needed and reviews need to be carried out regularly.  If you would like any further information on the manifesto please click on the link below.

Thank you for reading!  Let’s hope the government will start to take mental health more seriously. http://extras.thetimes.co.uk/public/timetomind/index.html


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