Self-esteem classes


This focused on what self – esteem is and how it can affect people.  Self-esteem is made up of lots of different factors, but can be summed up with our opinions on ourselves.  People who low self esteem can:

  • Be afraid to go for opportunities (interviews, promotions etc)
  • be fearful of failure
  • isolate themselves
  • not feel that they are worthy to live
  • not take care of themselves

Low self-esteem can be so damaging, so I will be trying to conquer it through these  classes with CBT.  Right, better get back to the homework for the next class…



We recapped on what we had learnt last week.  To be honest, I was wondering who was going to turn up this week because last week was so intense!  It was really pleasing to see everyone there.

This week, we looked deeper into CBT and looked at examples.  I find the mind absolutely fascinating, and although CBT is easy to understand in theory, it is hard to practice!  Anyway, it was lovely to see more people contribute.  We have been set tasks this week: an activity sheet, where we have to do at least one thing everyday and rate our feelings before the event and then evaluate them after.  Also on the list is a behaviour diary, where we look at triggers, or situations and then identify the negative automatic thoughts.

I look forward to next week.  This is the first time I have ever really spent time on myself rather than beating myself up!  Slowly, slowly I will get there.


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