Suggested Activities


This is a good activity for raising self-esteem.  People that suffer from depression often have very low self esteem, so this will remind you of your strengths and positive attributes.  Ask family members and friends to write out some of your strengths and store them away in a journal or put them where you can look over the comments.  You may be surprised by some of the answers, but when you are feeling low about yourself, this will make you smile!



This is called Review and Goals.  It is very simple, but I find that it is a good motivational tool.  At the end of each week.  I write a review of the things I have achieved and then set new goals for the week ahead.  They can be anything you like, but don’t feel a failure If you do not manage to achieve all the things on your list.  Reflect on why you didn’t achieve them and adjust your goals.  Good luck 🙂



They say exercise is good for you, and if you are in a low mood get up and get moving.  Gentle exercise will help low mood.  So if it is a jog, bike ride or dancing around your living room to Mr Motivator (I remember the tight lycra!) then go for it.




Here is a link to a Powerpoint I made.  When it is difficult to articulate or put into words how you feel, then drawing it may be a good starting point.  Hope it proves useful.


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